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Scantool A/S
At Scantool, we manufacture a wide variety of solid industrial machines reflecting many years of experience and knowledge.
News from Scantool Group
Read the latest news from Denmark's leading manufacturer of grinding machines.
Product Focus
Achieving perfect and cost-effective results with this new and improved semi-automatic bandsaw. Click to read more about the new one touch function and the improved degree scale.
5-year motor warranty
Many of the motors installed in our products were manufactured by us or by others according to our specifications. We are very confident of the durability of these motors and therefore offer a 5-year warranty.
Service and repair
Quality and service have a high priority at Scantool. Therefore, you can rest assured, that we always strive to deliver a flawless product. Should you, despite this, need our assistance, we are ready to provide repairs or spare parts.

We stand by our craftsmanship

In Europe, Scantool is among the leading manufacturers of industrial machines for sheet metal working. We have been manufacturing and developing machines already since the mid-1980s, always prioritising our customers' requirements.

Our product range includes grinders, polishers, sheet metal working machines, and drills.

We vouch for the quality of our machines and are proud to have them carry our name!

Scantool has been manufacturing and selling the most reliable and solid industrial machines since 1980. Our vast product range includes grinders, polishers, belt grinders, drills, metal band saws, workshop presses and machines for sheet metal work such as edgers, plate shears and plate rollers for non-professional use, workshop applications and industrial purposes.

Scantool's trademarks are quality, attention to detail, and experience. We have been manufacturing a wide range of industrial machines for many years, serving hobbyists, trades and industry. We have a great deal of experience, especially at our factory in Brovst, where several employees have been working since the late 1980s or early 1990s. 

All machines are manufactured according to our specifications – that is your guarantee of quality. Many of the motors that are installed in our machines are manufactured at our facility in Brovst or by one of our suppliers according to our specifications. We have set a very high quality benchmark and offer a 5-year warranty for our motors.

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News from Scantool Group

Read the latest news from Scantool Group

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