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Scantool A/S
At Scantool, we manufacture a wide variety of solid industrial machines reflecting many years of experience and knowledge.

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Read the latest news from Denmark's leading manufacturer of grinding machines.


Environmental certificate 2021



Scantool Group is a member of Elretur, and thereby take responsibility and contribute to more reuse and recycling.

There is one certificate for members of the WEEE-sections and one for members of the battery section. We are member of both sections


The certificate is intended to enable you to show that we take responsibility for the environment by being a member of Elretur.

The environmental certificates are updated anually.


See Certificate: Elretur Certificate ScantoolGroup UK.pdf


Elretur is responsible for the manufacturer's responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries.

They contribute to more and better recycling and reuse of the end-of-life products,

and is the guarantor of legitimate waste streams as well as quality in data and registrations to the authorities.