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At Scantool, we manufacture a wide variety of solid industrial machines reflecting many years of experience and knowledge.

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Scantool Group has manufactured a customized sheet shear for a customer in Ireland


In co-operation with our dealer Lister Machine Tools Ltd. in Dublin we have manufactured a customized sheet shear for Victory Graphic Arts, which is a graphic design company in Ireland.


The sheet shear is designed with a range of new features, which are tailored for the customer’s needs. On the front of the machine, we have attached plexiglass, lighting, and a solid step.

These features are suitable for a graphic company since the user can follow the process thoroughly while cutting. Besides, the hoses at the foot pedal have been extended, so the work at the machine becomes more flexible.

The machine is also portable and can be moved with a forklift.


The sheet shear is manufactured by our skilled employees at our factory in Brovst in North Jutland, Denmark.

We are proud, that the customer chose Scantool Group for the assignment.

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