Wet stone grinding machine

# 601551500

Wet stone grinders - SCANSLIB 150

Grind without any grinding experience - and always produce a perfect sharp result !

SCANSLIB 150 wet stone sharpening machine is a unique machine for sharpening of knives, scissors, plane blades, wood working tools, etc.

SCANSLIB is with it's special Japanese wet stone, speical angle guide and special designed tool rest able to grind and sharpen most common tools without any extra investment in jigs and other accessories. The standard version will do most sharpening tasks - so no extra investment !

SCANSLIB is ideal for any house hold who like to have perfect sharpened knives and tools which are not only extremely sharp but also look perfect.

SCANSLIB makes this easy to achieve - even without any grinding experience.

But SCANSLIB is also ideal for agriculture, forestry, carpentry, abattoir, fishery, schools, hotels, restaurants, etc. - anywhere where the a sharpen tool is required ! See the video on our website to learn how easy it is!

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Product specification
  • Rpm 200
  • Voltage 1x110/230V-50 Hz
  • Motor (Watt) 90
  • Wheel size, Grinding wheel (ø mm) 152x40x20
  • Reversible ja
  • Length (mm) 330
  • Width (mm) 200
  • Height (mm) 190
  • Net weight (kg) 4,9