Folding machine - hand & foot -operated

# 541601350

Hand & foot operated folders - SCAN 13S

The SCANTOOL SCAN 13S is manufactured with a segmented upper beam and a foot operated upper beam to allow simple and fast hands-free operation.

The segmented clamping beam is ideal for box and pan work.

The sharp nose segments can accommodate box profiles with a maximum edge height of 22 mm.

The individual segments are mounted on a slide bar making it very easy to switch between standard straight folding and box and pan profiles.

The model can convert from segments to low sharp nose blade.


Back gauge, radius blade R = 1,5 mm and R = 2,5 mm and ERGO unit.

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Product specification
  • Capacity (mm) 1270 x 2,0
  • Sheet thickness steel (mm) 2,0
  • Working length (mm) 1270
  • Bending angle 135°
  • Max. Opening (mm) 52
  • Without back gauge 340
  • Length (mm) 1600
  • Width (mm) 900
  • Height (mm) 1140
  • Net weight (kg) 340