Metal band saw

# 500718117

Metal cutting saws - SCANTOOL 125V

Transportable metal-cutting band saw with powerful variable speed motor - ideal for workshop use and the service guy.

The band saw is well-suited to cutting both metals and synthetic materials, for example, iron, copper, aluminium as well as PVC.

The non-slip foot ensures that the machine is stable and produces minimal vibrations during use and can, therefore, cut accurately.

It is exactly because of its low weight that the machine is easy to transport, which makes it perfect for assembly tasks, repair tasks or tasks performed on construction sites.

The saw blade can readily be adjusted with the graduated scale that can easily be tilted, thereby making it possible to cut at angles of up to 60°.

The metal-cutting band saw has a powerful motor which, together with the variable step-less speed, makes it easier to adapt the speed to the workpiece, resulting in more comfortable sewing with the machine when you work with the ergonomic handle.

The saw blade is operated by ball bearings and does not need either lubrication or cooling.

You, therefore, have a rather maintenance-free machine in front of you.

The machine is supplied with an attached vice and saw blade.

Remember extra saw blades The saw blade will eventually wear out, so be sure to order extra blades for the machine.

• Quick and easy change of saw blade

• Angle adjustment 0 - 60º

• Adjustable scale,

• Easy to transport

• Variable speed 30-80 r/min.

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Product specification
  • Saw speed (m/min) 25-80
  • Voltage 1x230V-50 Hz
  • Motor (HP) 1,4
  • Saw blade (mm) 1440x13x0,65
  • Sawing capacity 0° (mm) ø125/125x125
  • Sawing capacity 45° (mm) ø76/76x76
  • Sawing capacity 60° (mm) ø50/50x50
  • Length (mm) 705
  • Width (mm) 290
  • Height (mm) 490
  • Net weight (kg) 18