Bench grinders and polishing machine

# 351552016

Double ended bench grinders - SC 200DGE A+B

SC 200DGE A+B Drill grinder with drill grinding attachment A & B (6-45mm).

Uncomplicated grinding

SCANTOOL drill grinding attachments are based on a well-proven grinding method which always results in flawless and accurately ground drill points.

The attachments are pre-set for grinding twist drills, for drilling in steel and iron, with point angle 116-118 degrees and clearance angle 6-8 degrees.

The simplified design ensures that a wide range of different drill sizes can be ground without complicated and time-consuming re-setting.

Therefore also unskilled operators can obtain good results.

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Product specification
  • Rpm 3000
  • Voltage 1x230V-50 Hz
  • Motor (Watt) 750
  • Wheel size, Cup wheel (ø mm) 200x38x32
  • Drill grinder (mm) A 6-30 - B 30-45
  • Number of spindle speeds 1
  • Bench model 1
  • Length (mm) 250
  • Width (mm) 1170
  • Height (mm) 400
  • Net weight (kg) 36