Pipe grinding machines for workshops and industry

# 700681550

Pipe notchers with motorbrake - SCANTOOL 150 RSX

Scantool 150 RSX pipe grinder is perfect for grinding all kinds of pipes and profiles before welding.

Scantool 150 RSX is suitable for batch production where precision and perfect finish and fitting is required, e.g. in the production of frames, handrails, go-carts, wheel chairs, ship rails, gates, furniture frames, stainless steel constructions for the food industry.

Scantool 150 RSX is able to grind components with diameters of between 21 and 100 mm regardless on the material.

Built-in exhaust system

Scantool 150 RSX is supplied with a powerful built-in exhaust system which effectively removes most of the grinding dust from the grinding belt.

Best results are achieved by mounting the Scantool Cyclone 100S directly onto the built-in exhaust system to collect grinding dust.

Scantool Cyclone 100S is an optional extra. It can also be mounted between the pipe grinding machine and the central exhaust system.

Scantool pipe grinder type 150 RSX has the following features:

• The only pipe grinder on the market that offers adjustment of the grinding section rather than the object to be ground

• Due to the adjustment of the grinding section instead of the object to be ground, the required work space is kept to an absolute minimum when grinding e.g. long pipes

• Quick and easy adjustment to all angles without the use of tools

• Precision grinding of pipes and profiles at all angles

• Perfect fit of the grinding roller to the desired diameter

• High-quality and heavy construction

• Very suitable for batch production.

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Product specification
  • Rpm 1400
  • Voltage 3x400V-50 Hz
  • Motor (HP) 4,1
  • Motor (kW) 3
  • Wheel size, Drive wheel (ø mm) 200x100x28
  • Grinder Belt (mm) 150x1600
  • Pipe dimension (ø mm) 21-100
  • Exhaust (m³/h) 600
  • Number of spindle speeds 1
  • With exhaust 1
  • Length (mm) 2350
  • Width (mm) 810
  • Height (mm) 1850
  • Net weight (kg) 225