Scantool - Quality since 1980

Scantool is one of our four strong brands. We produce and sell a wide variety of products within this brand name. The product range consists of deburring machines, metal band saws, belt grinders, folding machines, grinding and polishing machines, centerless belt grinders and polishing machines, core drills, magnetic drilling machines, bending rollers, portal presses, profil bending machines, exhaust systems, extraction and filter units, pipe notching machines for workshops and industry, sheet shears, drill presses, wet stone grinders and workshop presses. 

Scantool A/S is a sales company, which was founded in 1980 by Jens-Martin Nielsen. Scantool has the widest range of products within Scantool Group, and it is sold both national and international. The products are manufactured by Scantool Group at our production in Brovst in Denmark and in Poland.