Product in focus

Scantool 320 GSHT metal band saw for precision sawing with automatic saw stop.

Scantool 320 GSHT is particularly suitable for cutting steel and steel pipes. The metal band saw is cast in one piece which makes it an extremely durable machine that, together with its CNC processing, gives the machine better durability and precision.

The control box is designed in a simple design and can be turned as needed. The turnable feature means that the panel always faces the operator for easy and comfortable operation.

“One Touch operation”
With the new “One Touch” feature, one can start the saw blade with just one press. The saw bow moves toward the workpiece, and then the feed mechanism is automatically adjusted to the desired speed. When the task is completed, the saw bow lifts up over the workpiece, and then the sawn-off workpieces can be removed. Therefore, Scantool 320 GSHT is the obvious choice for mass production.
The saw bow can be adjusted up to 60° and rotates easily to the desired angle thanks to the roller bearing which is located between the base and the saw bow. A new and large degree scale has also been added to the machine, so reading the degrees has become even easier. The degree scale is also equipped with fixed fixation points at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° and 60°.

Built-in cooling system
The built-in cooling system is equipped with a good collection system for coolant that results in a clean, dry and safe working area. A chip container under the workbench prevents coolant spills and keeps the floor clean.
Scantool 320 GSHT is available with drop lubrication. This avoids spraying and splashing of coolant, resulting in a cleaner workplace.

• Hydraulic feed and lift of saw bow
• Turn off automatically after cutting
• Length stop with scale
• High accurracy without vibrations
• Variable speed control
• Quick release on vice
• Limit switch for blade tension
• Manufactured according to CE regulations
• Hydraulic tension.
• Easy access to control box.