Manual power shear

TSM 650 

Item number: #530601000


SCANTOOL PLATE SHEARS MODEL TSM 650 Is a strong and compact welded steel construction. Danish design and high quality. This modern bench type shear is hand-operated and very suitable for cutting metal and all other materials. The material is being hold in place by neoprene-coated sheet holder which prevent damages/marks on the metal sheet and... Read More >>

Product Specifications

Capacity (mm) 650 x 1,25
Sheet thickness steel (mm) 1,25
Working length (mm) 650
Cutting angle
Back gauge (mm) 550
Side stop (mm) 200
Length (mm) 900
Width (mm) 970
Height (mm) 730
Net weight (kg) 80

Scantool Machines for Metal working

In Europe, Scantool is among the leading manufacturers of industrial machines for sheet metal working. We have been manufacturing and developing machines already since the mid-1980s, always prioritising our customers' requirements.
Our product range includes grinders, polishers, sheet metal working machines, and drills. We vouch for the quality of our machines and are proud to have them carry our name!
Scantool has been manufacturing and selling the most reliable and solid industrial machines since 1980. Our vast product range includes grinders, polishers, belt grinders, drills, metal band saws, workshop presses and machines for sheet metal work such as edgers, plate shears and plate rollers for non-professional use, workshop applications and industrial purposes.
Scantool's trademarks are quality, attention to detail, and experience. We have been manufacturing a wide range of industrial machines for many years, serving hobbyists, trades and industry.

All machines are manufactured according to our specifications – that is your guarantee of quality. Many of the motors that are installed in our machines are manufactured at our facility in Brovst or by one of our suppliers according to our specifications. We have set a very high quality benchmark and offer a 5-year warranty for our motors.